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Tailor Your Master’s Degree to your Specific Career Goals with EKUStay competitive as a working professional in the safety, security and emergency management industry with EKU’s prestigious Master’s degree, offered 100% online. Learn the skills you need to succeed and progress in your career. Earning a master's degree will help prepare your for leadership in the fields of fire science, safety, emergency response or security.


Choose From These Dynamic Concentrations:

  • Occupational Safety
    Research, investigate and learn how to prevent hazards and accidents in the workplace. Learn about the environmental risks, regulations, emergency practices and safety issues associated with different environments
  • Homeland Security
    Learn to recognize significant hazards, analyze intelligence, respond to disasters and emergency situations as well as the administrative responsibilities and regulations involved with homeland security professionals
  • Fire & Emergency Services
    Discover what it takes to manage and direct fire departments, fire prevention teams, EMT, search and rescue, investigation, and fire inspection teams
  • Ergonomics
    Explore the emerging field of ergonomics. Learn how to create safer and more comfortable work environments for the public and private sectors.
  • Emergency Management
    Analyze, understand and take control of the situation by learning how to plan for emergencies of different scales. Prepare an approach, implement your ideas and become a leader in the response efforts, work with other agencies, and learn what it takes to rise to the challenge of an emergency situation.
  • Labor & Employment
    Discover the impact of discrimination law in the workplace, and analyze safety,management and labor related laws and regulations. Explore the foundations of collective bargaining and research current legislation and its impact on the safety industry.

Advance Your Career – Even Before Graduation

As an EKU Online Master’s Student you can expect to:

  • Build your professional network
  • Learn cutting-edge principles to apply in both emergency  everyday situations
  • Gain real-world experience you can apply to your current job
  • Ensure a solid career future in  high-paying, executive-level safety and security positions

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What Our Students Are Saying

This is a great program for anyone looking to advance their knowledge of the safety, security or emergency management fields. With the elective courses offered, it really allows you to tailor your education in the direction that fits best for you.”

Bryan Cox, Safety Supervisor, Global
Insulation, EKU SSEM Graduate

What Our Students Are Saying

From the start of my search for a Masters Program, EKU stood out in their willingness and ability to accommodate my needs. EKU representatives worked with me every step of the way insuring my requirements were completed properly and even offering advice how to properly use the web-based system.”

Michael Rowells, LTC, Army
EKU SSEM Graduate

What Our Students Are Saying

I cannot say enough about the good things the program at EKU offers. One can get as little, or as much, as they want from the program. It is entirely up to the individual. The faculty is there to assist the students in obtaining the knowledge they need to ensure they perform their jobs in the best, and most reliable, manner possible.”

Karl Coleman, Safety Manager / Emergency Management Coordinator
EKU SSEM Graduate

What Our Faculty Is Saying

For students, the most rewarding aspect is the opportunity to learn not only from instructors who are seasoned professionals, but also from their fellow students on the Discussion Board. They have an opportunity to gain insight into areas of the profession that they would not have ordinarily considered. The collective experience of instructors and students sets the stage for a rich learning environment.”

Scotty Dunlap, Professor