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Eastern Kentucky University continues to update you on the latest news in your safety field and what is happening at the University by providing this News & Resources page. You will be able to keep current. Be sure to check back frequently, as content will change periodically.

A Yellow Cross Walk Sign

Forming a School Emergency Response Team (SERT)

When emergencies strike, the personnel on-scene are the best line of protection and defens

Toxic Substances in Green Bottle

How to Reduce Toxic Substances as Occupational Hazards

Most workplaces host a health hazard of some kind, whether it is dangerous machinery or po

Emergency Managers Working During Emergency

5 Communication Tips to Help Emergency Managers Succeed

Emergency managers are responsible for leading their staff, citizens, media and partners t

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Faculty members in the College of Justice and Safety at Eastern Kentucky University are nationally and internationally known for their teaching, research and dedication to the fire, safety and security fields. Hear directly from them on topics from where they see the industry in the next 5 years to what makes the EKU online programs unique.

Make a career out of saving lives

Make a career out of saving lives

Click here for transcripts Every day millions of workers across the country clock in. But,


What does it mean to save one life?

Click here for transcripts What does it mean to save one life? More than you think. Becaus


How Safety Specialists Can Prevent Injuries and Save Their Organizations Money

Click here for transcripts Workplace safety is all about preventing illness and injury at

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Infographic of school safety, and growing violence and crime

School Safety: A Growing Concern in Violent Times

The safety of children and faculty in any school, both public and private, has always been

Mental Responses During an Emergency Infographic

Mental Responses During Emergencies

Since elementary school, children are taught how to respond to emergencies like earthquake

The Current State of Workplace Safety in the U.S.

The Current State of Workplace Safety in the U.S.

Every day, countless workers risk their lives in the performance of their duties. This is

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