5 Careers with an EHS Degree

Environmental health is a science of human injury and illness prevention as well as well-b

What is an Online Occupational Safety Degree?

Professionals working in the occupational safety field are some of the unsung heroes of to

What is an OSHA Degree?

The field of occupational safety is only 55 years old, relatively young but extremely impo

Occupational Health and Safety Specialists: A Day in the Life

Occupational health and safety specialists analyze and inspect work environments and proce

10 Benefits of an Online Industrial Safety Degree

In January, 2017, the first voluntary national consensus standard will go into effect for

Fire evacuation plan

The Importance of Having an Evacuation Plan

The Importance of Having an Evacuation Plan The first decision during a workplace emergenc

Chemical hazards

Five Dangerous Chemical Hazards

Five Dangerous Chemical Hazards Industrial workers are exposed to a wide range of environm

Noise hazards

The Workplace Hazard Rarely Heard: Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Workers compensation claims for noise induced hearing loss have been on the rise since 201

Hierarchy of hazard control

The Hierarchy of Hazard Control: A Five-Step Process

The Hierarchy of Hazard Control: A Five-Step Process Every year American companies spend b

Psychosocial Hazards: What You Need to Know

Psychosocial Hazards: What You Need to Know

Psychosocial Hazards: What You Need to Know Today’s workers deal with a number of ex

work safety

Five Ways to Improve Office Safety

Five Ways to Improve Office Safety Most people don’t think of an office as a hotbed


Tips for First Responders Helping Functional Needs Individuals

Seven Tips for First Responders Helping Those with Functional Needs In an emergency, first

police line-hazmat

How Our Federal Government Handles National Disasters

How Our Federal Government Handles National Disasters When the first images of lead tainte


Why Cyber Security is Vital for Homeland Security

Why Big Data & Cyber Security Are Receiving Major Attention from Homeland Security Eve


Fire Evacuation Procedures for Work

Fire Evacuation Procedures for Work Managers and business owners shoulder some of the resp


The Foundations of Hazard Control

Safety is an essential aspect of every workplace. If currently without, owners and manager

Emergency services

The Fundamentals of Emergency Management

The Fundamentals of Emergency Management Every year, millions of people around the U.S. ha


Safety Program

A Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing a Safety Program Before a company can engage in const


Fire Prevention

An In-Depth Glance at Fire Prevention In 2013, residential fires were responsible for more


Hazard Free Construction

Keys to Hazard Free Construction Sites There are many different types of hazards that cons


5 Keys for Construction Safety

In 2009, studies showed that United States’ private construction workers had a serious i


Common Errors in Safety Management

Safety management is a key component of creating safe and comfortable work environments. T


Top 7 Workplace Hazards

For top productivity, work environments should be founded upon safety and comfort. Yet in


Recent Trends in Safety Program Development

With over 270 million occupational accidents world-wide, safety program development has be


Leadership in Safety Management

It’s important for there to be leaders in the field of safety management. These leaders


Using a Love of Donuts to Discuss & Explain Safety Management Systems (SMS) to International Students

By Troy A. Rawlins, Ed.D., MPA, BS Eastern Kentucky University Troy.Rawlins@eku.edu (859)


School Security: Managing Threat Assessment

There can be no question that the problem of school-related violence is a serious issue. A


A Basic Guide to Pre-Fire Management

Between 1990 and today, more than 17,000 homes have been destroyed in wildfires in Califor

Concussions Management for School Safety Professionals

School has started! So has athletics. Most athletes are already practicing. The safety of


The Demand for Safety Professionals in the U.S

With the steady flow of retirements among baby boomer-aged health and safety professionals


Top Hazardous Materials In American Industries

Hazardous materials and wastes are defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as those

safety first

An Overview Of Occupational Safety In The United States

OSHA, short for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a part of the United


Legal Aspects Of Fire Safety

Fire presents significant risks and dangers in any workplace, threatening equipment, stock

A Look At Applied Fire Safety Analysis

Every year, more than a million fire incidences are reported in the United States. More sp

The Basics Of Security Management

Security management for today’s businesses and corporations is complex. A company’s Ch

Auditing In Emergency Management Settings

In the United States, workplace emergency preparedness is of utmost importance. All employ


An Introduction To Lean Management

Lean management is a simple approach to running a business/organization in an efficient ma


A Look At Public Emergency Services

Public emergencies services are provided by the local governments in every city in the Uni

Dr. Ronald Dotson Workplace Violence Prevention

By: Dr. Ronald G Dotson Ed. D Occupational Safety and Health Program Coordinator Eastern

Dr. Ronald Dotson The Importance of Your EKU Occupational Safety Degree

By: Dr. Ronald G Dotson Ed. D Occupational Safety and Health Program Coordinator Eastern


The Basics of Labor Law: A Look at Workplace Health and Safety

Labor law is a complex field of study that covers all aspects of the contemporary workplac

safety first

ESH Compliance: General Industry Guidelines

ESH – Environmental, Safety and Health – compliance involves a multi-pronged approach


Emergency Planning & Preparedness for Today’s Workplace

The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA), Federal Emergency Management A


Understanding Human Factors in Occupational Safety

Knowledge of human factors goes beyond understanding individual employees to include many


Responding to HAZMAT Incidents: An Eight-Step Process

Knowing how to respond to a hazardous materials incident is essential for any occupational


Eight Skills of a Successful Public Safety Leader

What does it take to thrive in a high-profile community service role as a public safety le


Understanding Employee Safety & Workplace Risk Factors

Employee and Workplace Safety: How to Identify and Avoid Common Risks and Dangers   Every

Dr. Ronald Dotson Program Rigor through Student Engagement

By: Dr. Ronald G Dotson Ed. D Occupational Safety and Health Program Coordinator Eastern


Most Common Causes of Residential Fires

Data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) indicates that there were 365,00


Eastern Kentucky University Homeland Security Seniors Conduct Physical Security Assessment at Kentucky Critical Manufacturing Site

Three seniors in the Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) Homeland Security (HLS) Program tra