4 Security Management Jobs That Could Be Perfect for You

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Confidant man standing in front of a buildingSecurity management graduates, like you, share a passion for protecting others and hope to pursue a career matching that passion. Armed with the education and skills necessary to become a leader in security, you can pursue a variety of careers at the physical and virtual levels. From working with the Department of Homeland Security to securing schools and ensuring students’ safety, choosing your perfect job will take some consideration.

Before choosing a career, you need to assess your priorities; favored skills, interests, work environment, etc. Understanding your priorities narrows your job search to a select few that are the right fit. All security management careers require exceptional communication, critical thinking, decision-making, and organization, but the job responsibilities vastly differ when it comes to work environment. You can protect the virtual world, maintain air travel safety, direct a private security team, or keep students safe on school property. If one of these responsibilities aligns with your career priorities, then the following careers may be perfect for you.

Campus Security Director

Annual Salary: $69,000-$114,000

As a campus security director, you are responsible for leading an entire campus security division. Schools can have massive campuses which require constant safety for staff and students, making organizational and communication skills invaluable. They have a diverse set of responsibilities such as: considering prominent threats, allocating resources, developing budgets, and managing security personnel. In addition, campus security directors work with other senior administrators and local police to determine the best security strategies for daily use and special events. If you want to create and maintain a safe educational environment that supports thousands of students, then you may want to pursue a career in campus security.

Homeland Security Transportation Administration Program Manager

Annual Salary: $130,000-$179,000

From airports and seaports, to railroads and highways, homeland security transportation administration program managers are responsible for protecting transportation in America. In an era of rapid, frequent travel, you would ensure the safety and security of one of the largest transportation infrastructures in the world. It’s a management and advisory position that requires decision-making and careful analysis of security implementation. Transportation program managers represent their federal department and interact with other departments in order to share transportation goals and strategies. They also vet, hire, and manage transportation personnel while overseeing program operations. If you are interested in protecting America’s transportation and maintaining travelers’ safety, then a career with the Transportation Administration may be right for you.

IT Security Analyst

Annual Salary: $90,000-$93,000

Working in the digital security frontier, IT security analysts protect personal, public, and private information from cyber attacks and information breaches. The internet has become a standard mode of communication and information storage, and the threat to it has grown as well. You can work as an IT security analyst, defending against new threats and creating new methods of online protection. Responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to: monitoring organization networks, installing security software, testing vulnerabilities, researching new practices, and recommending enhancements where needed. If you have a passion for the digital world, then you will want to consider working in IT.

Security Director

Annual Salary: $105,000-$143,000

As security director, you are responsible for every aspect of an organization’s security needs and desires. They are responsible for hiring and managing staff, communicating with upper management, analyzing security risks, and developing and implementing security strategies. If you think a career as a security director is the perfect fit, then you need to have experience, advanced security and management knowledge, and honed skills. Communication, critical thinking, organization, and determination are necessary to be a successful security director. Because security is necessary regardless of trade or service, this position can be found in a variety of industries and companies. Security directors are leaders and, along with their main duties, need to stay educated on the latest security research and advancements. Successful directors will even create security programs that will be universally adopted.

You know that you want to work in the security field, you have the knowledge and are developing your security skills, and now you have a better understanding of potential careers to pursue. These careers are representative of your options, but there are even more unique opportunities available. The security field is constantly expanding and growing to meet threats, so research career options that reflect your passions, priorities, and work environment.

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