Dr. Ron Dotson

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Dr. Ron Dotson, Associate Professor, Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety


I think one of the things that our students get that you don’t get at a competing institution is really that hands on. We care about the students, we’re driven by students success from the university down. Just last night I had an online student, a lady that’s a couple of hours away and certainly is not halfway across the country, but she shows up at my office at five o’clock to talk about how she’s going to handle this coop requirement and her current job. What we did was we sat down and we mapped out what are you currently doing for your company, how to keep this anonymous and let’s create a special project that you ordinarily wouldn’t be challenged with from work and let’s fulfill the coop requirement in that manner, and so we did. What I think that she’s going to produce out is will be something that’s unique for her company and for the industry.