Top Natural Disasters that Threaten Businesses

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Natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. Sometimes they can be predicted, while other times they come out of nowhere, so it is essential to have a disaster emergency plan in place. While people often think to do this for their homes, they often neglect to do so for their small business.

However, 1 in 3 small business owners say they have been affected by a natural disaster in some way, and the global economy suffers losses of billions of dollars each year as a result.

To learn more, checkout the infographic below created by Eastern Kentucky University’s Master’s in Safety, Security and Emergency Management.


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In the 2014 U.S. disaster forecast, there is:

A 79% chance that a tropical storm will make landfall -A 68% probability of a category 1-3 hurricane -A 52% probability of a category 4-5 hurricane

Why take the chance? Small business owners can take a few simple steps to prepare themselves for an event like this.


First, small business owners should consider how a natural disaster might affect them. Examples include:

Lost or delayed income -Customer dissatisfaction -Employee loss or turnover -Inability to meet contractual obligations -Increased expenses

By considering these risks, one can also consider how to overcome them. Having a backup plan in place, such as an alternate work site, proper insurance and disaster savings, can make a big difference in how the business weathers the disaster.

Natural disasters can happen in an instant, and affect everyone in an area. Small business owners need to be just as prepared as homeowners when it comes to emergency disaster planning to keep their business afloat and profits coming in.