What is an OSHA Degree?

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Yellow hard hatThe field of occupational safety is only 55 years old, relatively young but extremely important. Professionals labor relentlessly to protect against dangers seen and unseen, prevent accidents, injuries, and damages to life or property, and promote the well being in the workplace. Working as a necessary line of defense in the name of safety and health requires patience, collaboration, physical and mental stamina, critical thinking, and a keen eye. The standards are high, but the career is rewarding.

Before this fulfilling career path can be tread, a degree and certificates must be earned, specifically an OSHA degree or related education.


In 1970, Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act. It was then signed into law by President Nixon and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, was created. The regulatory program was established in response to growing occupational injuries and fatalities in the late 1960’s.

Incidents were increasing along with 14,000 deaths on the job per year. As a solution, the US Labor Department called for the act and its acceptance, fighting against strong opposition from business groups. Fortunately, OSHA was signed into creation and they have been protecting the workplace from then on. Since their establishment, workplace fatalities have been reduced by 62% along with a 40% decline in injury and illness rates.

According to their mission, they, “assure safe and healthful working conditions for people by setting and enforcing standards, as well as provide training, outreach, education, and assistance.”

OSHA Degree

An “OSHA degree” is a term that includes most fields of study that correlates with their mission statement. OSHA is a primary affiliate of most occupational safety degrees, working closely in the programs to maintain quality education, current adjustments, and vetting students for future careers in their administration.

When a college partners with OSHA, they are working to give an advantage to students interested in that career path. Through the partnership, students have access to valuable tools and experts that will keep them ahead of the curve. Certain OSHA certifications may be discussed and earned before graduation, further developing the future professional’s knowledge. OSHA is a leading employer of occupational safety students and believes training should begin as early as college.

Occupational Safety Degree

An occupational safety degree is one of the most popular fields of study that lead to working with OSHA. The degree helps students become authorities in the protection of others. Coursework helps nurture growth within the industry by studying practical and theoretical situations. Some general topics include: employee safety education, regulatory compliance, policies, and enforcement.

Along with an expansive course load, crucial aspects of the job are studied such as: identifying and analyzing hazards, or design and utilization of safety equipment. Other coursework includes the history and function of OSHA, as well as a look into their career options and benefits.

An occupational safety degree, or other OSHA degrees such as fire safety and ergonomics, offer promising post-graduate options. Future professionals can look forward to competitive salaries, meaningful responsibilities. They help invent and modify safety protocols nationwide to reduce risk in the workplace.

Online Occupational Safety Degree Benefits

Online education is the simplest, most flexible method of obtaining an occupational safety degree in the field of your interest. Online programs create opportunities for people with responsibilities and other factors that prevent them from partaking in on-site learning.

Due to modern technology and communications ability, people can work with expert teachers and professors along with the most current information and research at their fingertips.

Online occupational safety degrees offer benefits such as real-world knowledge and skills necessary to a career. They focus on individual growth and potential while using flexible learning schedules.

Class, homework, study sessions, and tests are offered at your comfort and convenience. Learn from accredited programs with pedigree and authority on your time and graduate in as little as 2 ½ years. Online colleges are also promoted by internship agreements, affiliations, and career development assistance by employers, such as OSHA, and others with vested interests in the field.

Career Paths

An OSHA degree produces professionals with a future. Besides OSHA, other employers include hospitals and universities. Private companies and manufacturers also employ graduates to prevent accident or injury before government action needs to be taken.

With an OSHA degree, positions such as an Occupational Safety and Health Specialist, Ergonomist, Environmental Protection Officer, Toxicologist, Industrial Hygienist, or Food Safety Inspector are available. Passionate about protecting the workplace and preventing injuries and fatalities? Get an OSHA degree.

Learn More

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