What is Online Learning like at EKU?

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Dr. Troy Rawlins gives an overview of what online learning is like at EKU


Our classes are designed for maximum student interaction. We will talk to you, we will challenge you. There are going to be assignments where you have to watch videos, a lot of times we create our own videos. We try to make it as engaging as possible so that the student will get the most out of the class. Our classes are reviewed every three years and updated every three years to include the most recent concepts, the most recent technologies, the most recent understanding of safety related topics. They’re not shell or can classes, each instructor is responsible for a specific class and the content in that class, and they are the subject matter experts for that area. Not only do you get a quality class that’s engaging, taught by someone who is a subject matter expert for that area, we have all of those things in one class. Our classes are evaluated, we take students evaluations to make them better, we meet with our instructional designers quite readily to fix changes, add things, tweak things. We use a variety of technology, voicethread, Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, ThingLink, all kinds of technologies within the class to make it more engaging.