Why Do Companies Actively Recruit at EKU?

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Attendees at EKU’s annual job fair share reasons why they actively recruit EKU safety graduates.


I’m Emily Edgington, I work for Messer Construction Company. We do large complex construction work. We’re a regional construction company based in nine regions across Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee

We have hired other EKU students and they have worked out great for our company. They’ve been a great asset, they bring a lot of knowledge in the safety department to our construction projects, they have great experience coming in, and have really helped to grow our safety department within Messer.

Peter Hinds, Parson Corporation

I’m with Parsons Corporation, I’m Peter Hinds, based out of Washington, D.C. I’m from corporate. I’m a talent acquisition lead for Parsons, that handles all their major federal programs. We do a lot of construction, engineering, cyber security, all kind of cool things all across the globe.

I think some of the stuff that I’ve talked with some of the students, some of their foundation, their basic courses, have got them really well prepared for the next step, ’cause having a solid foundation in any career is really important. You can only grow as far as your foundation, your foundation isn’t the greatest and moving up, ’cause eventually you wanna become a senior safety specialist, safety manager, et cetera. You’ll never make it there without good foundation. Students that I’ve spoken to here have a solid foundation.

We’ve been here for over five years and we’ve always hired good interns from EKU, they’ve been really successful, and a lot of them are still on the program now. A lot of that comes from ’cause they’re from the communities, they take pride in working for Parsons at the project.

Brandie Dawson, Valvoline

I’m Brandie Dawson, manager of talent acquisition at Valvoline, based at our world headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky

The relationship that we have with Eastern Kentucky University is pretty important to the organization at Valvoline. We have a number of employees who have graduated from here. Those employees, I think I speak for all of them when I say that the education we received here at Eastern gave us the perfect foundation to be successful in our careers at Valvoline.