Why Pursue Safety at EKU?

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Dr. Barry Spurlock explains why students should consider pursuing their degree at Eastern Kentucky University.


Students should pursue the degree at EKU for a myriad of reasons, I can’t touch on all of them, but certainly the one is the rich history I think that we have, and longevity of our programs. It’s one of the oldest that’s out there, not the oldest, but certainly one of the oldest. Our faculty here, one of the most impressive things about our faculty is that we have all done this as a career. There’s none of us who have been career academic. We have been safety directors in steel industry, in food industry, we have worked with global consultants on behavior based safety, we have folks who have worked for OSHA.

I think one of our biggest strengths here is the expertise and the hundreds of years of experience in the field that our faculty bring to the table. I think the other thing is, we think students are very important here, and we want them to be people centered leaders, and we try to foster that, and we try to get them to bring that a long. We act as coaches as much as we do lecturers, actually, probably more of coaching than we do lecturing.

I think one of the other aspects that makes EKU a place that they should pursue the degree is the fact that we’re trying to be cutting edge always, looking at what’s cutting edge from a leadership standpoint in safety. What’s cutting edge from a behavioral standpoint in safety? What’s cutting edge from a compliance standpoint in safety? We are always trying to be out ahead of that curve, and I know all of our faculty want to be there, and like I said, we want our students to be strong leaders, that’s a focus of our program.