Why Study Safety at EKU

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Brendan Kinsella, Baker Concrete Construction and Steven Nelson, International Fire Protection, both EKU alumni, share why they recruit students at EKU and their experience earning a degree at EKU


My name’s Brendan Kinsella, I work for Baker Concrete Construction. We’re based out of Monroe, but we have offices all over the country. We build anything from condos, to parking garages, all the way up to stadiums, and high rises.

This is actually my first visit to Eastern on a recruiting visit. Reason I’m going after Eastern Kentucky students, is I was a student, I’m alumni, graduated from the undergrad and the masters program, so I know the quality Eastern puts out. If they are willing to go through college and even the masters program, they’ve already done that much more, they’ve got a better resume, typically. They have a better understanding of how to write more of the paper works, how to write policies, procedures, and then to implement them. I know Eastern requires the internship, which also is a big deal, ’cause if you got somebody that doesn’t have any experience for someone that has experience, you’re gonna take the guy with the experience. Then with a lot of general contractors now, they’re requirements for even the safety guy onsite are getting a lot more stringent, so having that college background really helps.

I like to recruit from Eastern Kentucky University, because personally, I went here. I just graduated in July and I know the courses that they’re going through. My degree was in fire protection safety engineering, I didn’t get the full brunt of the safety engineering, but I did go through some of them. I know the curriculum, and I believe it’s competitive, and I believe it’ll give a individual the skills that it’ll take to be successful in the safety market

EKUs experience was a great one for me, I spent five years. I had four kids during the process. I graduated with a 3.975, and I was very excited at the end to be finished, ’cause I actually felt like I accomplished something. I didn’t feel like I was out of place, I think there’s a definitely fit in today’s life style, because we’re so busy, and so hectic, and so many people wanna go back to school, because they didn’t get the chance when they’re younger. I think EKU was a perfect fit for myself.

I feel that my degree has helped me tremendously in the fire protection industry to keep up with the current fast paced environment it’s in.