Ensuring safety is more than a one-person job; it’s built on partnership and trust. At Eastern Kentucky University, you can benefit from the lasting relationships we’ve built in the national and global safety communities. Whether it’s earning credit for safety training or securing an internship with one of our various partners, our connections can be your connections.

Our industry affiliations allow you to receive course credit toward your degree if you meet the necessary requirements. These training-for-credit programs are a way for you to boost your professional credentials and complete your degree sooner.

OSHA MS SSEM: You can also qualify for up to 6 hours upon completion of 480 hours of OTI training and two topical seminar courses.
U.S. Army You can earn college credit for up to 6 credit hours toward your MS SSEM for successful completion of the 240-hour Civilian Personnel program (known as the CP-12 program).

Make the most of your work experience

Before 2015, training courses from the OSHA Training Institute and other organizations had not been recognized with college-level credit. EKU has made it possible for professional experience, professional certifications and training to be recognized at the collegiate level. Document your work in the field, send us a portfolio of your experience, and you may be eligible to earn BSOS credit.

Internship Agreements

If you’re pursuing our Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety, or any of our MS SSEM concentrations, an internship can be your gateway to new and exciting professional opportunities. Through our partnerships we’ve been able to place our students with some of the world’s largest companies including:

In addition, EKU’s Career Development and Placement office can assist you in identifying and pursuing job opportunities in the safety industry.