Facing the Threat of Workplace Violence

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Robots and Drones Saving Lives in Disaster Areas

According to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, disasters caused $1.4

Infographic of school safety, and growing violence and crime

School Safety: A Growing Concern in Violent Times

The safety of children and faculty in any school, both public and private, has always been

Mental Responses During an Emergency Infographic

Mental Responses During Emergencies

Since elementary school, children are taught how to respond to emergencies like earthquake

The Current State of Workplace Safety in the U.S.

The Current State of Workplace Safety in the U.S.

Every day, countless workers risk their lives in the performance of their duties. This is

Growing threats to child safety

The Growing Threats to Child Safety Around The World

No child should have to worry about his or her safety and welfare. Unfortunately, millions

Emergency Management

The Benefits & Challenges of Using Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Management

Natural disasters are out of the reach and influence of human beings. However, a lot can b

Disaster Response Training with Virtual Reality

How the Department of Homeland Security Can Use Virtual Reality for Disaster Response Training

Disasters can strike at any time, and we need to be prepared when they do. Rapid response

Water Crisis

Our Nation’s Growing Water Crisis: What You Need to Know

The water infrastructure in our country is over 100 years old, so an upgrade is long overd

Work Related Stress on Employees Health

Work Related Stress on Employees Health

The nature of work and the demands of the workplace have been continually evolving and hav


How to Prepare Emergency Management for Cyber Attacks

The ever-growing fact is more entities are relying on computers to get their work done. Th

Sleep Deficiency and Fatigue Causing More Workplace Injuries

Sleep Deficiency and Fatigue Causing More Workplace Injuries

The number of health risks in the United States is incredibly high. When employees feel si


Rising Sea Levels: A Cause of Concern for the Coastline

For years, scientists have warned against the dangers of planetary pollution, the continua


When Disaster Strikes: Technology’s Role in Disaster Aid Relief

Thousands of people are killed every year in natural disasters. Rescue teams and aid agenc


Integrating Effective Health and Wellness Strategies in the Workplace

The number of health risks in the United States is incredibly high. When employees feel si


Natural Disasters and Hospital Safety

During times of meteorological disasters, citizens often make it a point to head to local


Overweight and Underpaid: Weight Discrimination at Work

Varying degrees of discrimination exist around the world. Whether on a personal or profess


Workers Compensation and the Most Dangerous Industries in the U.S.

Getting injured or sick in the workplace is a more significant problem than most people mi


The Health Hazards of Shift Work

The hazards of the workplace for shift workers have consequences on many levels. Shift wor


Disposing of Medical Waste: Ebola & Others Infographic

Costs And Challenges While the Ebola epidemic continues to grow in Guinea, Liberia, and Si

NDSS Infographic_FINAL_UPDATE_Feb13

New Developments in School Safety Infographic

Over the past 15 years, Americans have witnessed a sharp upswing in the number of deadly s


Displacements Due to Natural Disasters: Spending and Solutions Infographic

Dangerous worldwide environmental disasters put millions of people at risk every year. Eve


The Younger Face of Workplace Safety Infographic

Money is a vital commodity in the world in which we live. Due to the recession, more peopl


Top Natural Disasters that Threaten Businesses

Natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. Sometimes they can be predicted, while oth


Office Fires Infographic

In the workplace, nothing is less welcome than an office fire. A blaze disrupts workers, c