BSOS Courses

Online Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety Curriculum

Program Requirements:

  • Core Courses: 36 credit hours
  • Supporting Courses: 37 credit hours
  • General Education: 36 credit hours
  • University Requirements: 1 credit hour (maybe waived for transfer students)
  • Free Electives: 10 credit hours
    • May need up to 19 hours to account for 9 hours of MAT, CHE and PHY that are both general education and supporting course requirements but hours cannot count twice.

Total Curriculum Requirements: 120 credit hours

Occupational Safety Core Courses

OSH 110Introduction to Safety Studies3 Credits
OSH 261Principles of Occupational Safety and Health3 Credits
OSH 262Principles of Occupational Safety and Health Legislation3 Credits
OSH 300Safety Training Strategies3 Credits
OSH 350Measurement of Safety Performance3 Credits
OSH 366Hazard Identification and Control3 Credits
OSH 367Human Factors in Occupational Safety3 Credits
OSH 379Construction Safety3 Credits
OSH 390Workers Compensation I3 Credits
OSH 410WSafety Management Systems3 Credits
OSH 412Safety and Health Program Management3 Credits
OSH 495Senior Capstone3 Credits

Occupational Safety Supporting Courses

CHE 101/101LGeneral Chemistry4 Credits
MAT 114College Algebra3 Credits
PSY 101Conceptual Physics3 Credits

Occupational Safety Supporting Courses - Fire Prevention/Protection

Select 9 hours from the following courses.

FSE 101Fire Prevention3 Credits
FSE 120Fire Behavior and Combustion3 Credits
FSE 221Fire Protection Systems3 Credits
FSE 224Human Behavior In Fire3 Credits
FSE 349Applied Learning in Fire and Safety Engineering
OSH 225Legal Aspects of Occupational Safety3 Credits
OSH 305Hazardous Materials3 Credits
OSH 489Topical Seminar

Occupational Safety Supporting Courses - Industrial Risk Management

Select 18 hours from the following courses.

EHS 280Introduction to Environmental Health Science3 Credits
EHS 340Industrial Hygiene3 Credits
HLS 210Cyber and Physical Security3 Credits
OSH 349Applied Learning in Occupational Safety
OSH 370Process Safety Management3 Credits
OSH 420Environmental Law and Management3 Credits
OSH 489Topical Seminar
TRS 225Basic Fleet Management Safety Principles3 Credits
TRS 395Marine Transportation Safety3 Credits