Earning a master’s in occupational health and safety online with EKU can help you create opportunities while reducing risks in the workplace. Nearly every sector of the U.S. economy relies on dedicated safety professionals to keep workers safe from occupational hazards, natural disasters and unforeseen threats. Our master’s in safety combines industry-leading best practices with invaluable leadership tutelage from our distinguished faculty of safety professionals. Translate your newfound knowledge directly to the workplace. Prepare to assume greater professional responsibility and protect the well-being of workers in your community.

Graduate in as few as 2 years.

Enjoy the flexibility of 100% online coursework.

Nationally and internationally recognized faculty.

Professional opportunities with internships and career development.

Earn Credit Toward Your Degree

You can receive credit for up to 6 hours upon completion of 240 hours of OTI training and two topical seminar courses. Learn more about other training that can help you earn master's credit.

Rankings and Accreditation

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Included among “America’s Top Colleges”.
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Included in U.S. News & World Report’s annual listing of top colleges and universities.
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Ranked 7th as Top Online College for Occupational Safety Degrees.
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Designated as one of America’s most Veteran-Friendly campuses.

What you can learn

The master’s in occupational health and safety program combines an overview of the safety and security industry with an in-depth look at leadership principles in workplace safety. Learn how different work environments (industrial, construction and corporate) operate, and the unique threats, hazards and risks involved with each. Develop safety procedures and emergency response policies within the frame of governmental regulations for health and safety.

You can also boost your credentials with an incorporated graduate level certificate in one of EKU’s five concentration areas while pursing your master’s degree. Additional certificates can be stacked onto your Master degree with minimal extension of your program.

EKU is accredited by The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC)

Topics of study include:
  • Industrial Safety Management
  • Hazard Control Principles
  • Risk Identification and Countermeasures
  • Construction Safety
  • Regulatory Requirements for Health and Safety
  • Development of Safety Programs
  • Emergency Management
  • Workplace Risk Factors
  • Fire Safety
  • Management Techniques
"EKU has proven that online learning, while challenging, offers a gateway to higher education for the working professional. The MS SSEM degree has added many dimensions to my practical occupational safety and health experiences which will, in the long run, make me a stronger safety and health professional."Jeff Hanson, Owner of Hanson Safety Services LLC, MS SSEM graduate

Occupational Safety Courses

Occupational Safety

Concentration Courses

SSE 828 Industrial Safety Management
Investigate and analyze hazard control principles related to the management of personnel, facilities and equipment. Study control procedures, work-task analysis, risk identification and countermeasures, and safety training.
SSE 832 Construction Safety
Explore this introduction to general construction safety utilizing the key components of the OSH Act and subparts of 29 CFR 1926.
SSE 834 Corporate Compliance
Address the regulatory requirements and best business practices for each of the compliance areas. Assess and analyze the development of safety, emergency management, security and environmental compliance programs.
SSE 845 Personal/Environmental Hazards
Study the threat control principles relating to personal and environmental risks in the workplace. Examine the techniques and inspection methods, management styles and prevention programs essential to managing within safety, fire and security.